Top Rated Online Casinos & Bonus Codes

1 Best Gambling Site SPECIALWELCOME Copy Code
  • Established in 2004
  • Every Type of Game
  • Multi-Million Jackpots
  • Very Supportive Staff
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2 Best Online Casino VIPBONUS Copy Code
  • 12 More Different Bonuss
  • $9100 Worth of Free Bets
  • Old and Trusted Site
  • Very Fair & 24/7 Support
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3 Live Table Game Dealers NEWWELCOME Copy Code
  • Live Table Games
  • Our Favorite Casino to Play At
  • The Best Sportsbook Online
  • Instant Payouts
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4 NEVADA300 Copy Code
  • Over 150 Games to Play
  • Mobile app for iOs and Android
  • Huge Bonuss, Best in Industry
  • Very Fast Payouts
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5 CASINO400 Copy Code
  • Huge Selection of Slots
  • Big Payouts & Mega Jackpots
  • Easy Deposits and Instant Withdrawals
  • Desktop and Mobile Friendly
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6 $50 Free to Signup 50FREE Copy Code
  • Free $50 Just For Signing Up
  • Old, Trusted Casino
  • Generous Bonuss
  • Wide Selection of Games
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7 Best Sportsbook Online BOLCASINO Copy Code
  • Old & Trusted Casino
  • One of the Best Sportsbooks
  • 48 Hour Payment Widthdrawls
  • Tons of Table Games & Slots
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8 #1 Mobile Casino WELCOME777 Copy Code
  • A Top Ranked Casino
  • Works Great on Mobile
  • Tons of Huge Bonuses
  • Massive Jackpots For Slots
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  • Excellent Bonus System
  • 20-40% Bonus Every Day
  • Slots, Poker, Table Games
  • Daily Tournaments
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10 Top Rated Casino ROARING21 Copy Code
  • Trust Approved By Commission
  • Many Bonuss to Choose From
  • Slots, Poker, Table Games
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11 MELLOW200 Copy Code
  • One of The Top Online Casinos
  • 200% Bonus Match + 50 Free Spins
  • Easy Deposits and Instant Withdrawals
  • Play on Any Device
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  • Variety of Games
  • Regularly Audited
  • 24/7 Support
  • New Bonuss Added Weekly
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13 WELCOME-PART1 Copy Code
  • Established in 2004
  • Top Most Well Known Site
  • Huge Bonuss
  • Friendly & Responsive Staff
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14 20EASYWIN100 Copy Code
  • Rapid Cashouts
  • Low Risk
  • Over $720,000 in Winnings
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15 GREAT250 Copy Code
  • $20 Absolutely FREE
  • Best Winning Odds
  • Best Bonuss Online
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Welcome to Best Casinos!

Maybe you are new to the online casino trend. All of your friends are playing online poker at night or making online sports bets, yet you have not a clue how they do it or where to go. You are searching for the best online casino in the USA.

Well, good thing you found Best Casinos, one of the foremost providers of online casino information. We rank online casinos on a number of factors, including no deposit bonuses, customer service, reliability, and which casino games are legal versus illegal.

The Best Online Casinos: What Do We Look For?

When ranking the best online casinos, a lot of factors are at play. Primarily, online casino legality varies from state to state. Beyond that, there are a host of influencers that separates the best online casinos from the worst. Do not worry, we do not rank the worst online casinos. We focus on the most elite, top online casinos that we feel offer the best overall online gambling experiences.

Here is a list of factors we consider:

  • Customer service: Does the online casino respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner?
  • Usability: Is the online casino interface easy to understand?
  • Online casino deposit bonus: See our free online casino section below.
  • Reputation: How to online casino reviews square up with our findings?
  • Site speed: If an online casino loads slow, you will miss spreads, or betting opportunities.
  • Online Table Games: How good are the games? What are the online betting stipulations?
  • Online Sports Betting: Does the online casino encompass all major sports? What about cricket?

To determine the best online casinos, we take the deep dive. Because our reputation as an online casino resource depends on it. We continually update our best online casinos list to make sure our information is fresh.

What Is a Sweepstakes Casino?

The sweepstakes casino is not much different than a regular online casino. You can place online bets on poker or blackjack, or a variety of other online table games. The real difference is in the way the money works. Sweepstakes casinos are not licensed for live cash betting. So to remedy, you must purchase house coins. These house coins can be used to place online bets. You can exchange them for real cash. So sweepstakes casinos are the same as regular online casinos with the exception of that second layer involving deposits.

Are Online Casinos Free?

If you want to win real paper money, a free online casino does not exist. No one is giving away money, unless you know something we do not (and do tell, we would love to know where to go). A free online casino means one of two things: 1. The online casino does not use real money and 2. The online casino offers a deposit bonus. We will focus on the second part as we feel confident you understand what the first point means. In order to compete, many online casinos offer a free deposit. This can occur just by signing up, or more likely, as a match for your own deposit. Meaning, if you deposit $50, the online casino might gift you a deposit of some denomination.

But there are a lot of complexities to understand when it comes to the online casino deposit bonus. Many online casino deposit bonuses can not be used for smaller bets. In other words, there may be what is known as a wagering requirement. Some online casinos will not allow you to take the money and run, or cash out right when you get it. So if you are looking to use an online casino deposit money for some quick beer money, think again. Some specify the online casino games for which the deposit bonus can be used. The online casino deposit bonus is a great way for online casinos to attract new gamblers. Therefore, the competition for your business is dense. This means online casino deposit bonuses are rising. Our best online casino list includes a review of every online casinos onboarding offers, so make sure you pay attention.

States With Legal Online Casinos

Interests in online casinos in the USA are at an all-time high. As more people look for home entertainment and more states attempt to increase commerce and local revenues, online casinos in the USA are growing. While only a few states offer legalized online casinos, many more have legalization bills in the pipeline. Lets look at five states which offer legal online casinos.

New Jersey Legal Online Casino Gambling

New Jersey is one of the most prominent legal gambling states in the nation. If you are a resident of NJ, or are simply visiting, you can legally use an online casino for entertainment. Bill A2578 allows widespread online casino and gambling activity throughout the state. Which legal online casino games can you play? Online slot machines, pai gow, craps, baccarat, sic bo, big six wheel, online blackjack, sports betting, roulette. The age requirement in New Jersey for online gambling is 21. The state allows deposits from outside of its borders, but you will need to be within NJ borders in order to place an online casino bet.

Delaware Legal Online Casino Gambling

Ah, Delaware, the first state you think of when it comes to online casino gambling (you might detect a little sarcasm). While Delaware may not be the first state you think of when it comes to online casinos, it should be. Delaware is one of the first states to legalize online gambling and casinos. Statewide, Delaware has three casino properties in business, all of which offer online gambling extensions. If you are in Delaware, you can use an online casino to place bets on sports, online poker and blackjack, so long as you are 21 years of age.

Nevada Legal Online Casino Gambling

While online gambling in Nevada is legal, it ranks as one of the worst of the pack. Nevada is the most popular gambling destination in the world and it seems those big flourishing casino empires want to make sure it stays that way. Therefore, they fight online casino gambling legislation on a near-annual basis. Some might call it the casino mob. Others might call it, yeah, exactly the same. So long as you sign up through a local casino, you can bet on sports and some other casino games. This includes the daily fantasy jackpots. But full online casino legalization remains a distant thought in the state that most feel started it all in terms of gambling lore.

Pennsylvania Legal Online Casino Gambling

Online casino gambling, sports and table games, is legal in Pennsylvania. Since 2019, residents and tourists of Pennslyvania have been able to place online bets for table games, daily fantasy, sports, online slots, and online poker (and most else you can think of that is typical online casino table gambling).

West Virginia Legal Online Casino Gambling

Online casinos are legal in West Virginia, so residents and those just passing through can play online poker and roulette or place an online sports bet. Many of West Virginia local casinos offer online extensions.

Online Casino Customer Service Matters

Nothing ruins an online experience more than poor customer service. This is particularly true when your money is involved. High-quality online casino customer service greatly influences our best online casino rankings. If you can not get a support ticket answered, it is not worth the risk. We make sure the online casino you choose answers your question and concerns, as well as resolves any issues you may have. Online casino customer service separates the bad experiences from the good ones. A top online casino will have staff answering questions 24/7, many have live chat options, and even phone numbers so you can call and clarify any confusion.

Can Online Casinos Rig Results?

The Internet is a big scary place. We all realize such. But it gets even scarier when you deposit money online. There are bad players in the online casino world, so it is important that you always perform your due diligence, which begins with referencing our best online casinos list. That said, do your research. Do not sign up for an online casino that just popped up, or has a design that looks like it is from 1985. If your online casino only accepts Bitcoin deposits, that is likely a red flag. Are online casinos rigged? Not the top-ranked ones. It is important to choose brand name online casinos so you do not fall prey to predatory online scams. But that is why you are here, right?

Gambling Addiction

Know the symptoms of gambling addiction. If you or someone you love has a gambling addiction issue, contact the National Gambling Helpline. Its a confidential gambling assistance program. They offer live chats, phone, or email correspondences.